The following section discloses our strategies, approach and practices in managing our material sustainability matters pertinent to the business and our stakeholders. Progressively, we will review our sustainability strategies to ensure effective implementation closer aligned to business strategies.
Privacy & Data Protection

Our data privacy strategy incorporates strong governance around strengthening of privacy controls.


Preserving the resiliency and security of our network and systems is important to minimise the risk of service disruptions and data breaches.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

We prioritise employees' and suppliers' health, safety and security (HSS) as part of our commitment to being a responsible business.

Responsible Supply Chain

Supply chain is an area where there is immense opportunities to improve business performance, positively contribute to social equality and reducing environmental impacts.

Climate & Environmental Action

We are commited to protecting the environment and contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Human Rights

We strive to ensure that employees and partners are treated fairly, with respect, and that their working conditions comply with established labour laws and standards.


We are committed to ensuring our business operates ethically, lawfully and with the integrity for our long-term success.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are an equal opportunity employer, and committed to promote employment practices that are transparent, objective and fair.

Community Empowerment & Outreach

We spearhead outreach programmes anchored on our mission of Advancing and Inspiring Societies.

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