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Annual Report 2003

Back Apr 06, 2004
Annual Report for Financial Year Ended 31/12/2003
Subject Annual Report 2003


Announcement Info

Company Name DIGI.COM BERHAD  
Stock Name DIGI    
Date Announced 6 Apr 2004  
Category Document Receipt
Reference No IJ-040406-54019


  1. Digi-Cover-CorpMilestones-CorpInfo-Directors'Profile-CorpGov-AuditCmt-Mgmt.pdf (Size: 674,516 bytes)
  2. Digi-FinancialSummary-ChairmanStatement.pdf (Size: 764,044 bytes)
  3. Digi-OpsReview_(English).pdf (Size: 557,744 bytes)
  4. Digi-OpsReview_(Mandarin).pdf (Size: 912,767 bytes)
  5. Digi-SocialResponbility.pdf (Size: 463,726 bytes)
  6. Digi-FinancialStatement-Properties-ShareStats-NoticeAGM-CorpDirectory.pdf (Size: 293,010 bytes)

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